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June 04, 2010



This is great.


OK, and I just realized your cake ... OMG. My 10-year-old boy is OBsessed with PvsZ. Funny world, isn't it? And cute cake.


Neat-o! I'm thrilled I came across you while on my search for how to make fabric banners. You have such a wealth of information and experience ... thank you!

I'm planning to blog about my progress, once I get started, and will be sure to mention you:)

Michelle at Scribbit

Oops--apparently comments don't take html. Oh well.

Michelle at Scribbit

Looked for your email but couldn't find it--have you seen this?

a href="http://ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com/popsicle-daniel-craig-popsicle/2010/09/04/">Daniel Craig popsicle

I completely thought of you :)

Lynn Mansfield

It's really funny how I ran into your blog. I googled "How to paint wicker furniture" and you were one of the links. I really have enjoyed reading your blogs and hope Mr. Aidan continues to thrive!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Oh, my love the creative cake for your birthday boy.

The flag is adorable too and it looks like a fun project.

Enjoy your holiday weekend

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