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March 04, 2010


Junie Moon

Chicken noodle soup is just what I need as I've been ill over the past week. Thanks for sharing this very informative post.

Healthy Foods Blog

It would be better if there really is an image of the soup. So sad your wire didn't worked and because of that, we can't see how great it is. Well, I guess I will just make my own soup by follow your recipe. I hope it will turn out well.

S Yanoff

Thanks for the props, Sarah! I think that Kathy buys some packages vegetable stock. I am guessing that it's prevalent these days in Pick 'n Save even. Another option is to take the prepared "Better Than Bouillon" cubes and add them to water.

I am curious about reasoning behind the getting rid of the soy. The dairy is a great one to get rid of -- best of luck! It's been tied to basic things such as stomach discomfort, intestinal issues (*ahem*), ear infections, eczema, and possibly cancer. Cow's milk is made to turn a 60-pound calf into a 600-pound cow. I'm always surprised when people drink a lot of milk and eat cheese knowing this. People don't always wonder why we are the only species that chooses to supplement its diet with milk from another species. You don't see this occurring in other parts of nature (cats breast-feeding squirrels -- funny image, eh?)

The soy, however, is harder to cut out. For example, if you really want to eliminate it, you would have to eliminate a large amount of food you eat. If you eat animals, they're fed soy, so when you eat them, you're eating mostly corn and soy ("you are what you eat" type of thing because that's what they are fed). If you have any type of processed food, it often has soy lecithin in it which is derived from soy.


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