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January 15, 2010


S Yanoff

I think you usually can't go wrong with the Red Cross, and that's what we did this week for our donation to help Haiti.

We have a short list of charities we support on our website at:

I used to subscribe to a newsletter that would rate the charities based on how much they were able to give out of each dollar, and how much went to overhead (mailings, charities, etc.). I tend to lean local and keep the list reasonable rather so that what I can give is focused in a hopefully larger amount than if I spread it around at a lot of charities.

I give yearly to the Children's Hospital and I often think of Aidan when I do it. However, specific medical charities can be tricky. For example, even though my mom died of cancer, I don't give to the American Cancer Society. They spend all their money on a cure as opposed to actual prevention. I don't give to things that I consider preventable diseases. I also tend to punish charities that mail me excessively (I always email them asking to be reduced to annual mailings) or phone me. I tell them politely that I don't like to fund charities that call.

Keep that chin up, Sarah.


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