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November 01, 2009


urban craft

wow, I love the costume. Don't have the disney channel and my guy is still too little, but way creative! Great job.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Great costume. My son is into Phineas and Ferb too.

Happy holidays.


Great job! I love the poses... Our son was the same way in his, posing like Perry!

thanks for stopping by and sharing your version!



Awesome job on his costume. Even if they didn't know what Aidan was supposed to be, I would have loved it if he came to my door. Sadly we get many trick or treaters with no costumes but painted faces. That's Riverwest for you. Jeff told me about how funny Phineas is and I'm gonna check it out. I think, I know which neighborhood you are referring to; we were invited to one of the open houses, but couldn't go.

Michelle, from the Perception Lab


He is awfully cute... platypus or not! What a talented mom!


One thing I notice is that you continually refer to it as Swine Flu instead of H1N1. I *like* that. I'm tired of hearing "you can't get it from eating pig". Actually, that's why we have this flu. It's our desire to eat cheap pork that has caused disgusting factory farms where the pigs are so close together, viruses such as H1N1 mutate more rapidly than in the past. (If you get inclined, Bird Flu: A Virus of our own Hatching by Michael Greger is the book to read.)


This looks wonderful, there must be someplace you can submit a photo!


That is just too cleaver! You did a great job with this one and he looks thrilled with it too!

BTW, I'm jealous about your neighborhood going all out for Halloween - our last one did, but our new development barely had people passing out candy!

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