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October 30, 2009



I'm actually a big Twilight fan. That series is actually very erotic! The young kids don't know that's what they're feeling, but that's what it is! For those of you who haven't read it, I suggest you give it a try!


yeah! i loves me some frank langella dracula! and you know what, the dude that plays harker in that movie, grew up to be a real stunner (well, he's aging really nicely, go ahead google "trevor eve" you won't be sorry.)

Junie Moon

Thanks for letting me know about the movie. I so agree with your assessment of the older movies which I love. However, Salem's Lot -- that movie terrifies me so badly I've never been able to watch the whole thing. I try each year and have yet to make it through -- maybe this year but probably not.

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