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January 28, 2009


S Yanoff

1) "Feel free" as in "feel free to call me". Nothing's free, why not just say "Call me" (etc.)

2) Irregardless. Yes, they've probably added this one to the current dictionary, but it should just be regardless.

3) Chairperson or chairwoman. These are not real words, either. Chairman is a proper word, and it's not meant to mean a "man in charge", but instead, a person who is "manning the chair" (you don't "person a chair" or "woman a chair").

4) We need to "flush things out a bit more". People meant to say "flesh things out". You flush your toilet, or you flush out a rat, etc.

5) "I'm pressing charges." I hate it every time I hear this one. ;-)


"I could care less", which obviously means that you DO care...

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