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November 16, 2008



I finally got to see it this Saturday! I loved it, and I'm actually finding the song kind of catchy. I don't hate Alicia Keys though so maybe that is key.
As for Bond. *insert huge grin here* Can the man wear some clothes or what? I loved the action too.
Best line: Hi, we are teachers on sabbatical and we just won the lottery.
I thought I was going to pee in my pants.
Wonder when we'll get the next one, and also this one on dvd.


I love your review. My husband and I went to see it on Friday evening as a late birthday present to myself. He is on my bad side because he is not impressed with Daniel Craig as Bond, so he won't be watching any Craig-goodness with me any time in the future.

I loved the homage to Goldfinger. The bad guy was creepy in a serial killer sort of way, not necessarily as a Bond baddie. How long do we have to wait for the next one???? ;)

S Yanoff

I like the way you gave the review.

As for M and the Bond girls, M is a total hottie. No movie star gets me more in the mood for hot sex than Judy Dench. Don't tell me wife, but I have a poster of her in the back of my closet.

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