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June 16, 2008



No doubt! I couldn't like any of the characters and the movie was ridiculously predictable. We made it half way through this one before turning it off.

What's funny is that my neighbor is a screenwriter and got a screener copy of this before the Academy Awards. I've gotten screeners from him before because they want him to vote for these various movies. On the backs of the DVD cases they list the awards the movie is trying to get your nomination for. Many movies he lends us have several categories on them but this one had a request for a nomination for every single possible category. It was like they were just desperately hoping to catch a nomination for SOMETHING. They were going for Best Picture, Best Actor, etc. What I found funny was Best Costume. Yeah, because the polo shirts and jeans of the period (NOW) were so worthy of an award. :-)


I had not even heard of this movie so I'm glad you told us about it. I'll skip it if I ever come across it. Thanks!


That is a very helpful review! Succinct and to the point. Now I can avoid the movie.


Tell me how you really feel!

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