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June 13, 2008



Our golden girl, her golden mane and golden spirit, is missed beyond words. She brought so much joy into so many peoples lives, we were blessed to have her.


So sorry to hear about Scout......I'm very sorry you've lost such a dear member of your family.


Thank you sweet ones for the loving comments about our "Golden Girl". Our hearts are broken but having sweet Scarlett is helping. But most of all, the kindness and sharing of the grief that all of you have offered helps the most.

We love you and miss you, Scout


The loss of a pet. Horrible stuff. Doggie heaven is pretty awesome though, tons of treats and no postal carriers at all.


Oh I'm so sorry! What a sweet looking doggy. It sounds like you shared just the right amount of info with Aidan.


I am so terribly sorry about your loss of Scout. I think you handled it with Aidan very well. It's a painful experience and my heart goes out to all of you.


Scouters was the sweetest, kindest girl, my little sister. She was the kind of dog that made everyone want a dog. My memories of her include her standing on the stairs for "love", and the flashlight chasing. I also remember and loved watching her and Scarlett play together-chasing each other around the center of the house, and playing tug-of-war with a rope toy. My heart aches for everyone, but especially for my mom and dad, and Scarlett-who will never understand where her sister went.
I love you, Scouters,


When Scout was a puppy, she broke her leg so badly it had to be bolted to a metal rod to straighten it. For her leg to heal properly, she had to stay very still for months. This was difficult for her because she had all that puppy exuberance. I always thought that one reason Scout was so gentle was because during a significant part of her puppyhood she had to be calm so her leg would heal. Afterwards, she had one crooked foreleg (you may be able to tell from the picture).

One of the funniest Scout memories I have been thinking about since yesterday is how, when the whole family got together, we would shine the flashlight on the ceiling for her to "chase." She would get so excited about the game that she would often try to coax people over to the fireplace where the flashlight was kept to try to entice someone to play that game with her.

For all her enthusiasm and exuberance, Scout was a very composed and gentle girl--a real lady.

Bye sweet girl.


Susannah Barnes

She was a very sweet dog. She will be missed.

The husband

There is no way for me to express in words how bad I feel, yet the words of my son Aidan spoken at bedtime last night speak volumes and will live with me forever - "Scout always tried to make people laugh, this time, nobody laughed."

Goodbye Scout.


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