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May 15, 2008



i'm glad the appointment went well, he's super cute with that cape!

Missy Moo

He is ALWAYS his Auntie Missy's super hero!


Thank you for sharing this information, although I know I'm not a family membere I read the whole thing. I'm so happy that Aidan is doing well.

His super hero outfit is just adorable. He has another super power that I'm positive you've already recognized--he's super cute!


Hope your adorable boy likes the cape. Sounds like he does indeed have super powers! Thanks for using my pattern.


Oh, this was so good for MY heart. I just did a search for Fontan, as our little HLHSer goes in for his on Wednesday (and this mama is having a HARD time). Seeing your little boy being such a beautiful little boy just made my heart leap with hope. And yay for a good card visit!


What a doll he is! I'm glad to hear that his appointment went well!


Even when searching for new sewing and quilting projects, it's always worth a stop to see a cutie pie like this. Aiden is adorable in his cape and mask.

It's amazing how much of an expert a parent quickly becomes on these things like this.

I'll send good thoughts Aiden's way that all will turn out well.

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