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March 21, 2008



Nice to read someone's "story" about their experience inside the show. These types of reviews tell the tale of a real music lover. Hearing how a song or moment made you feel. The same happens to me at many shows and sometimes I feel many people would't "get it" - you do though.



What a great review and I love the connection you make between music and your own life. I feel the same about that. There are certain songs or even albums that remind me of specific things in my life that just pulls hard on my emotional strings. Thank you for sharing this review as well as your heart.


Sarah -- It was great seeing Bruce with you on St. Patty's Day! (Also, thanks for clearing up that rumor about me being Aidan's father -- although I always wanted a boy, especially one who digs trains *grin*).

Fingers crossed for Harley Fest tix!

Take care,


This was much better than an objective, impersonal "review." What are the experiences of our lives for if not to tell the stories to others: creating community and reminding each other that we all feel the same way at some point in our lives.

You've done this. Thank you.


that was wonderful! I am glad you had a super time, and yes, for those special bands in our hearts, it is all about how we feel afterwards.

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