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February 26, 2008



as for the elastic, i would cut it out, buy a pattern or make your own design of a CD case for a visor and slip it over the visor and wala problem should be solved!
you could make matching over the seat covers. those ones that hang on the back of the front captains chairs and hold all the kids stuff, movies/games, maps, umberellas etc. Make it out of Packers fabric! and you could tailgate with every trip!!!
hope these ideas help!


Well I wanted to take pictures of the interior of my car to send you, but my daughter has my car!
anyway i did not have a burn on the roof interior, but i have numerous photo badges of our kids from sports and band so i would take the past season activity and put them in the fabric above the visor so my angles are with me all day long. I like the little collage it creates.
Hope this is an idea, if your babes are not in sport stuff yet, you can buy those badges and create your own.
good luck!


I don't know how to fix such things but I do know they sell header liner (that's the name of it) at Jo-Ann's. Maybe you could google "head liner repair" and see what results.


I don't know how to fix it, but I can agree with you that it is annoying. My mom had a car that had that elastic visor holder that was all stretched out just like yours.

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