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January 02, 2008



MMMM! Looks perfect to me as is! I might make rice to go with it... but that's just because we love rice! And if I were making it for my dad, I'd have to add a bell pepper... cause he puts bell pepper in EVERYTHING! But I like the way you made it... that sounds BEST!


Oh, my! Exactly what I need on this rainy day.


For the sensitive palette, you could just your own add-ins on stand-by. I like to spice mine up with Tabasco (red) and the green jalepeno Tabasco since Kathy likes her soup milder than I do.

If you want to step it up a bit, maybe a pinch of cumin and if he's still handling it a pinch of cayenne pepper. Oh, and if you want to keep it a bit on the healthier side, substitute veggie dogs for the ham. :-)

Isn't a warm pot of soup just grand in the dead of winter?


This is one of my husband's favorites. Thank you for sharing the recipe as he's had to wait until we visit his mother so he can have this soup.

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