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January 14, 2008


Sookie's Magik

What a fabulous Valentine idea. I would have never of thought of using freezer paper to help sew garland. Fabs!

Queen of DIY

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

calamity kim

I am gonna share this link on my blog- I hope you have a happy valentine's day! I am off to georgia tomorrow! xxxooo calamity

calamity kim

I am gonna share this link on my blog- I hope you have a happy valentine's day! I am off to georgia tomorrow! xxxooo calamity


Thank you for the great idea. I have agreed with stephi and stayed in to avoid the Chicago cold. My own mobile is the result. I'd be honored if you took a look at it here.



Hey i ran across your blog on Stacy Sews! good work! but what caught my eye the most is the fact you live in Wisconsin. My husband announced to me about 10 days ago, there is a good possibility we will be relocating there from 30something years in Nebraska!
How can i live my faithful Huskers.....oh yeah i get Brett!!!!
anyway I know nothing about the state, weather, activities, touring etc! could you fill me in?
We enjoy lots of things, being outdoors, i love riding my bicycle, jogging, sewing, scrapbooking, flea markets, etc. I am not much of a reader other than craft magazines or Everyday with Racheal Ray. We have three kids, but will only be bringing 1 and that is a big if! she will start college next fall. the other two are in college already.
so yeah I read your blog and i understand part of your heart when you are frowning about the baby.....i always wanted twins, and then my sister-in-law got pregnant with twins, i pretty much hated her for awhile. They are brats, mine would have been good!!!! heehee on her!
anyway I add you to my favs and will check back to see how life in Wisconsin is:
good crafts!


What a cute idea. My daughter would enjoy this. We may try it this weekend because with the wind chill factor here in Chicago expected to be about minus 10-degrees, I think we will be indoors this weekend.


It's so cute! Your idea of using fabric instead of paper is lovely detail and gives it a bit more body to the hearts.

My Little Morsel

I love this technique of using the freezer paper to end up with a thread chain between the items!! Great job...you did an excellent job of explaining everything, and I love the fabric you chose for the hearts!


Very sweet--I love the toile!


I really want to make some sort of fabric garland or banner this year. I have intent, now I just need time and space LOL.


Cool! Thanks. I need to make one.


Nice job of explaining everything that went into making this sweet garland! Love it! Where's mine :)

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