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January 27, 2008



:( Oh, yes, I've been there too. In our case it was something simple, the guy from the dealer who filled up the tank didn't crank the gas cap all the way till it clicked, so it caused the check engine light to come on three days after we bought it new. I was going to work, and as soon as I got there I called my husband and absolutely sobbed!

I hope yours is a simple solution!


Hey, I remember that day 3 years ago. That's the reason we got a new used car in the first place was the dang check engine light. Then on the way home it came on in the new (unpaid for) car!!!!! I was so mad - me and the service rep had a nice cozy relationship for the next two years - until they put a new engine in my car (fortunately we had the extended warranty!!!!) Haven't had a problem since, but it is pretty bad when you know the service rep as well as I did. Don't want to scare you though, there are alot of easy fixes for the check engine light coming on in cars now adays. Good luck with it.

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