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January 11, 2008



I miss the guy! He added so much joy to our neighborhood!


How cool about the Packers tickets; I'm sure a solution will present itself.

It sounds like a lovely day, I'd have loved seeing the gorilla beating on his chest.

Amber Hendricks

Hi Sara!
I was just thinking about Aidan and was wondering how he is doing. I hope he is doing great and enjoying the snow! My Aiden loves the snow! Aiden talks about Aidan often and says "Remember the other Aidan? He brought me my blanket. He is my friend." It is so cute!! Aiden will be starting school this fall too. VERY scary!! Well, I hope you are doing well. It would be wonderful to get the boys together one day. o-ya Aiden will be going for his first stress test in March. Has Aidan had one yet? If he did, I was wondring how he did.


aw, poor melty snowman!

We're going to be opponents next weekend- my Giants won today! I am very excited!

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