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November 06, 2007



well i can comment, since you asked, even if i don't get in the drawing. oddly, when i was a little girl, i was very into "the prairie", i didn't watch the little house tv show, but i read all the books and i liked to go outside and build little houses and run the hose to make a fake stream so i could wash my doll clothes. i even collected acorns in case i had to make some acorn bread during the blizzard!

i also loved building fairy houses and finding little nooks that fairies might live in.

and i read a lot. and drew. and cooked. and rode my bike.

Missy Moo

Man, I remember the cardboard store! I also remember playing Barbies for DAYS where we would only leave to eat and come back afterwards. Barbie was always a model-how else was she to wear all of those clothes! Don't forget the Playschool LIttle People "world" where our brother would make a "treasure map" and burn the edges authentically. He then pulled the rhinestones out of all the vintage jewelry (egads!)and made a treasure chest out of Legos. Of course, once the treasure was found, our "world" had a huge tornado or earthquake and toys would be everywhere! Ahh...the good old days!


Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls were my favorite toys, but I grew up on a daisy farm and real farm-girl chores. We picked lots of strawberries, shelled walnuts, shucked sweet corn and peeled apples for pies. Large blocks of unstructured time and isolation brought many hours of playing flute and piano. I wrote to pen pals, dabbled in crochet and my mom taught me to embroider on pillow cases. I remember one hot week sewing together rag strips to make braided rugs, and there were some macrame plant hangers made just as I hit junior high. And we had a winter project of making Santa refrigerator magnets out of styrofoam balls, sequins and chenille bumps. Chenille bumps? I haven't thought about those in years....


My big thing as a child was to do everything Shirley Temple did. I had a Shirley coloring book and I tried to emulate every single page with whatever activity good ol' Shirley was doing. If Shirley was ironing, then I had to have my own little ironing board and iron--and so on. I'm I suspect it drove my mom crazy but she was pretty good about helping me with things. To this day, I still have a fondness for Shirley Temple.


You forgot the cardboard store!! The swimming pool! Playing with your turtle in the screened in porch. Playing games and making tents on the porch. Playing house with Duchess. Watching old movies and having a picnic in the living room for quiet time. Such sweet memories. You are also making these same type of memories for our Aida!


I'd love it! When I was a little girl I loved to read and craft. I think I probably dabbled in every craft there was when I was little. I seemed to have tried it all! Candles, sewing, painting, etc.


Well, let's see. I loved Barbie dolls - I would make them some hand-stitched clothes, pose\arrange things in the Barbie dream house, dress them up. I also liked roller skating (loved those roller rink parties), drawing (I still love the smell of new crayons), video games (we even had Pong when it first came out), and gymnastics. On the whole dress up thing - I used to dress up my dog and then take photos, poor thing!

BTW, today was the first time I've heard of this book... I always tell my daughter that I'm so much of a weinie that I would have died on the prairie. Maybe I need to read this book. LOL

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