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November 26, 2007



Oh Sassy, I haven't seen Bruce with E Street since 1985!!! The "Glory Days" I like to call them (heh heh). Have fun!

kimberly sherrod

The one and only time I ever saw the Boss was at the NY Coliseum in 1980 and he jumped off the top of a 2o ft speaker and landed in the audience- it was breathtaking! He and Clarence Rocked the House!!! I love "Candy's Room"- its one of my favorites. Be sure to take pictures when you go to the concert!


How great to get tickets--I hope you have a blast!


We had to have seen each other since then, right? Didn't we go to a movie or something? I'm thinking it was Mayfair.

Thanks for scoring the tickets, I am so psyched! It will be my 5th time seeing The Boss as I first saw him on Election Night in 1992, once on the "reunion" tour, and twice on the Rising tour which had to have been the best show I had seen. I like the new album and so I'm hoping for a good show.

If I could have any influence on the set list, I'd request that Bruce play Backstreets as I have yet to hear that one live, but I think I've heard everything else off of Born to Run live. I think I've heard all my other "must hears" in concert. www.bruceSpringsteen.net has all of his set lists.
Can't wait!

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