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November 23, 2007



It's realy admirable that you didn't have any that you didn't quit on and also how many older movies you were able to sit through. I don't have the same appreciation as you as I find once I go farther back than 1965 roughly that I lose interest.

That said, I have to comment on the movies that you have not seen, specifically:

4. Raging Bull - A classic, but I sense an avoidance of violent movies.
8. Schindler's List - A moviemaking event, and one that I'd have to insist that anyone I know take the time to watch. It is a 3-hour movie but it won't feel like it.
39. Dr. Strangelove - If you like old movies, this one is pretty funny even by today's standards.
71. Saving Private Ryan - Again, I sense an aversion to WWII movies or violent movies, but this one is mesmerizing. It's one of the few movies that makes you feel like you could possibly even fathom what it must have been like on D-Day.
87. 12 Angry Men - holy cats what a story and what acting. Having served on a jury personally, I find this movie a completely awesome look at the judicial process. If this old version doesn't appeal, there was a remake a few years ago that had top-notch acting as well and holds up as well as the original. Don't let the fact that Tony Danza is in that remake scare you off. ;-)

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