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September 27, 2007


Junie Moon

I am also a Cary Grant fan and I'd choose him over Mr. Craig in a heartbeat. What I like about Cary Grant is that no matter what role he played, he always had this inherent sense of style and graciousness that shined through. He was a true gentleman.

Miss Sassy

I love Jimmy Stewart but he doesn't, um, give me the same stirrings that Cary Grant does. I'd rather Jimmy were my friend or brother or something.


I was just thinking about combining Cary and Jimmy into one man. :0)

Missy Moo
Missy Moo

We just watched "The Philadelphia Story" this week, and of course, who could forget "Bringing up Baby"? Hot, hot, HOT! Of course, I wouldn't kick Jimmy Stewart out either!

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