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September 23, 2007


Sharon Sarmiento

Eeek! I am okay with the teensy household spiders (don't love 'em, but I can live with 'em), but the other week I found a HUGE, scary looking spider in my garden. I'm telling you it gave me nightmares! I should have taken a photo of it and put it up on the internet to see if someone could tell me what type it was--I am just assuming it was a man-eater! Could have been innocent though. It didn't look like yours, although yours is impressive!


oh boy, you would not like it at our house. We have wolf spiders living in our house. We leave them be so they can eat the other insects LOL! I'm not a huge fan of creepy crawlies, but these guys always run when they see us, so I'm happy to let them be, and hope they do make an impact on the other buglife. There are a lot of bugs in FL.

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