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September 12, 2007


Junie Moon

Congratulations--what an adventure you're going to have!


I can't believe there is another comment suggesting the Affinia Dumont!
That's the hotel I would recommend! My hubby and I always stay there when we visit (we have family in the city but thier place is to small for us to stay!!)

It's at Lexington and 34th...I believe? We always find it to be very convenient to everywhere and love the staff!

Good luck...have fun...I'm so jealous!


omg, right after I hit post, I found it! LOL!
It is called the Affinia Dumont (the name was just the Dumont when we were there)

we were originally in a place called the Gershwin, which is a funky and inexpensive (for NY) hotel. There was no a/c and it was quite warm, I was freaking out about getting ready, and my dear, truly, husband found this place. For a super nice place it was quite reasonable, imo. In another season the Gershwin would probably have worked for me, and been quite fun.

good luck searching!


wow! very cool- I hope you do go! After your clot and all you deserve some FUN!

I am a born and bred NYer. I feel so happy just to imagine the buildings and the sidewalks- the greyness of it all (so she says from sunny, yellow Florida). My husband and I stayed at a great place for my hs reunion (gosh, that was in 1998, right before I got pregnant with my oldest!) but I can't remember the darn name. I'm looking around to see if I can find it for you.

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