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September 15, 2007



How about check the trains into NY? You might be able to get one to sleep on the way in and then spend the day see the show and sleep on the way back. If you time it right you might get an entire day in the city. It is not ideal, but a pretty way to see the sights.

Missy Moo

I really wanted to go, too. I would've loved to see Martha, that would have been totally cool even though I'm not the Uber-fan that you are. I would have enjoyed more, however, seeing New York for the first time with you. We will have to try it again when our budgets are better and do the town up right!


That's really a bummer.

Junie Moon

It's certainly okay to feel bad about this. I am truly sorry you can't make the show as I know it means so much to you.


I'm so sorry! Sending you big hugs!


I'm so sorry :( I think you should let yourself cry, let the hurt of the past four years out. Don't worry that others have it worse, it is ok to feel badly about this right now, and wish for it for yourself. (((hugs)))

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