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August 28, 2007


Kim Sherrod

I am a huge Boss fan! I was born in Ft Monmouth, NJ, near Asbury and Red Bank. I saw him at the NY Coliseum in 1980 and he climbed up on the top of some giant speakers and then dropped into the out stretched arms of the crowd- it was glorious! Thanks for letting me know about Magic- I didn't know. Can't wait!


He's just gotta come to Milwaukee given his following here. He came here for smaller, more intimate tours so he'll definitely be here in Spring. He wouldn't gather up the entire band for such a short tour.

Yeah, I noticed on about the 10th listen of Radio Nowhere that it sounds like "Jenny 867-5309" in terms of the introductory guitar riff. Shame on you, Bruce! ;-)


Oh man.I hope he'll add Milwaukee to the fall tour. I'll never forget when I was pg w/#2 and U2 put out their tour schedule. I was devastated that they weren't coming near me. Many tears were involved. They did eventually come though, and I went to see them at 38 weeks pregnant.

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