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July 08, 2007


Kim Sherrod

ya never know- Just where life...I need an editor, bad!

Kim Sherrod

Well, I am glad you are feeling better and I could say: SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!! When he goes to school is when you get time for you!!! You are more than a Mom, and after having my Son go to college- I greived for a while and then wiped my face and got in gear! Now he is going to be 26 this year and I am so glad that he is a fine young man. I know it isn't easy but you must do good things for your Self. You will be a better, happier, healthier Mama after that too. I lost a son with CP and I was sad for many years that I couldn't have more children- but I married Fred and now have 2 gorgeous step daughters and grandbabies! So, ya never jk=know where life will lead you- but you must lift up your eyes ( from the abyss) and look around at where you are going or you'll miss it! Come have some Calamity Craft Fun with me!!!!


Hope you get out of your funk soon and get back to your usual crafty self! Enjoy the summer and Aidan!


I'm glad you posted- I wondered about you just yesterday. Sorry that you've been blue, having btdt way too often I know how much it stinks.

Mmm, wish I had some of the lavender in the pic. My favorite scent.

Hope you and Aidan are having a fun summer.

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