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May 08, 2007



I think she's just a good mom... if a mom has the luxury of feeding her baby only breast milk (i.e. she doesn't have to go back to work, etc.) and the baby only likes breast milk... then ya gotta feed em when they're hungry! LOL! I BF'd both my girls for a year... and all the time in public. If my babies were hungry... I fed them... just like any bottle feeding mom would :)
Dang... 3 comments in one day... I'll stop now. LOL!


Yay for Maggie! And you are my new hero for exclusively pumping for 15 months to make sure Aidan still got the good stuff despite his troubles. I pump at work and pumped those few days I was out of town and it can be such work,but it's one of those things you just do because you need to do it, right?

I BF in public with both boys all the time. I was so nervous about it at first. Now I'm so used to it it's like any other thing:-) I'm so glad you posted about this, thanks!


breasts were made to feed children....so ppl shoudnt get so worked up about it!


You go Maggie!
And Yay to you Priscilla this is a great post! I breastfed both my kids and I have to say I was much more embarrased by anyone seeing my flabby tummy than if someone got a quick glimpse of by working-overtime for my baby breats!


BTW, John says he's all for breast baring in public. Not surprised, are you?


I think maybe she just likes the attention, didn't you ever "Secretary"?????

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