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May 03, 2007


Linda Copeland

Tonight I was reading your blog and when I came across your little sweetie Aidan and his pictures, it brought to mind 40 years ago May 6, 1967 I was almost 20, I had my first Son, Gary. He was born w/o a soft spot in his skull, at 2 1/2 Months old they said he would need surgery, the Neurosurgeon performed a craniectomy on him...they cut the bone from temple to temple and took out a good section of his skull and replaced with a thin tape that would allow his brain and skull to continue to grow and would eventually close like a normal soft spot would. This small babe just turned 40 last month and the only thing of that nightmare to me that remains is a scar which you can't tell because of his hair. There were alot of trips to the hospital for x-rays over a 5 year period to make sure everything was okay...and of course he couldn't bump his head..my-my-my, as I'm sure you know you can't stop them from playing. Before he started kindergarten we took a visit back to Dr. Schoolman, who was his neurosurgeon, for a final check up. Every thing was good and there weren't any learning disabilities or motor skill function problems, they really didn't know what caused this. I was also afraid to have another one, but I did and had an amniocentesis done to check everything and #2 son, Scott, was perfect as was #3 son, Patrick 12 years later, who I had at 35. They are all precious wards when we have them and it's between us and the good graces of God to get them grown. Hang in there guy's these little one's are tough!


that's fabulous! yay for a good appointment! what a cutie he is.


These pictures really bring home how well he is doing! He is certainly our strong litlle guy!!


What awesome news!!! So glad to see things are peachy!

I worry about Knittybaby's next echo. He first three he was little enough thst it wasn't too bad. For the next one in January he'll be 20 months. Not a prime age for an echo.

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