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April 25, 2007



Yes, I agree, I flipped thorough it the other day. I think the layout is poor and it's ugly. It just feel cluttered.


Oh, you're not alone! :D Heh... and how do you feel about all those granny square blankets? ;)


I agree - it's a bizarre magazine, but I think that's why I like it. I know that I will probably never make something out of there (well, I take that back, I did like the t-shirt in the latest issue), but it's the only place I learned about the nasty-ness called fermented tea (from the first issue) and other oddities! LOL


shh...don't tell anyone but i am not that keen on it either. it's too random for me, there may be only one thing in an issue that interests me and i ain't shelling out $15 bucks for that.

don't tell though, we might be thrown out of the bizarre bizaare or something.

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