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March 28, 2007



What is this world coming to when we think it is cool to blow eggs... wait, you mean get the stuff out of the inside of the egg dont you? - nevermind.


I'm thinking of giving the project a try this evening. Maybe I'll have extra blown eggs and share...just maybe ;-}

Miss Sassy

Hey Shannon - I think we'll just dye them this year. I bought some cute adornment stuff to glue on them from that German catalog that makes the great glass glitter. I can't remember the name! Go for the blowing of the eggs. I may have to if mine don't arrive intact LOL!

Miss Sassy

I didn't know about eBay either--I just typed it in with a little hope and was pleasantly surprised. I remember popping my ears as a kid trying to blow eggs! Great tutorial, BTW, on the egg blowing. It has been so long since I have done it so it is great to see a refresher.


!!! Amanda and I wanted to blow out eggs. We saw cute blown eggs on display at Pottery Barn. The eggs were wrapped/glued with floral tissue papers. What are you going to do with yours?


I didn't know you could get them on e-bay already done - that's great!! Good to know. I swear I thought I blew out a filling doing it.

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