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January 16, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Bruce Springsteen Saturday Night Hot Shot (regrets to Daniel Craig):



So nice


Yep, the Bruce man looks pretty hot!


why hello there! damn. he makes me proud to be from new jersey. (unlike those mooks on mtv!)

Junie Moon

I watched Casino Royale again yesterday. More truthful is the fact that I watched Daniel Craig again yesterday.

As to your post yesterday, I give my time to help charitable organizations, but in times of great adversity -- such as what Haiti is experiencing -- I try to come up with money to send as that is one offering that meets emergency needs in a more immediate way.

I hope things are settling down to a dull roar at your house. Right now I'm trying to fit a new computer in our budget as my laptop is groaning its way into oblivion. I shall cry, that's for sure.

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